9 Ways Bullet Journaling Can Improve Your Life

What is Bullet Journaling?
You have probably heard of bullet journaling, but you are not sure of exactly how to do it or what the benefits are. Bullet Journaling is an amazing tool to help you get your life on track, get focused and motivated and make positive changes in your life. Before I started bullet journaling I knew that I had areas in my life that needed improvement but with my hectic work schedule and 3 kids I never took the first step to make a change. Then I discovered bullet journaling. I have managed to lose weight, ditch unhealthy habits, make more money and live a happier life. In this article I am going to tell you how you can start your own bullet journal and explain how doing so can make positive changes in your life.

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First let’s talk about how you bullet journal. This is a planning system that was devised by Ryder Carrol. To learn the basics of the system, watch this video tutorial.


Read on to find out all the categories that you should have in your journal.

To get started first you need to get some supplies. Bullet journaling is more fun if you have the right tools. You are more likely to do it everyday if you have a beautiful journal and fun colorful pens to create your masterpiece. This is the Journal I have, it comes in ten different colors and several different sizes. I got blue and it is a very pretty blueish green, and size a4. These pens that I have come in ten colors and are the perfect thickness for bullet journaling.

I recommend finding a time to write in your bullet journal every day. For me I love to get a cup of coffee and journal in the morning in a quite cozy spot. It is a great way to start my day by focusing on what is important. It would also work great to bullet journal before bed. This is a great way to unwind and decompress the events of the day before the next day starts. Either way just set aside time every day to do it.

Now let me tell you the 9 positive changes you will see in your life once you start bullet journaling.

Appreciate the Moments of Your Life

Do you agree that life seems to go by way to fast? If you are a parent, like me are you in awe at how quickly your kids are growing up? This can help you to capture the moments of your life, so you can appreciate each day a little more. In your bullet journal you can create a page that is a memory log for the year. I do this each month, but you can do it more often if you like. You write down what is going on in your life at that moment and how you feel it about it. My five-year-old son Chase tells me how much he loves me every morning and night. He is a mammas boy, but I know this won’t last forever. I write about this in my journal and I know that when reading it in ten years it will make me smile and remember that sweet little five-year-old face.

Increase Your Sense of Gratitude

You will be amazed at how much starting a gratitude journal entry will change your life. Here’s what you do, every single day think of two things that you are grateful for and write them down. When you get in the habit of doing this daily it will change your entire perspective. You will start to look for the positive things to be grateful for everyday and it makes you realize how good you have it. Sometimes you may be having a bad day and must reach harder to find the items to write down in your journal. Like when your kids seem like they are fighting all day and the dogs throws up on your favorite pineapple throw pillow, (ehem.. still haven’t gotten over that) and you feel rushed and stressed all day. You can still find something to be grateful for, like that your husband made you coffee without you asking. Those small ones are often my favorite to look back at. When I go back and read through these at the end of the month and year it floods my heart with happiness and increases my gratitude tenfold.

Achieve your goals

Here’s another one we have all heard, you need to write down your goals. Did you know that people who write down their goals are 80% more likely to achieve them then those who don’t? That is an exciting statistic! So why aren’t you doing it? You can start now. You can change your life just by implementing this one step into your daily routine. First you will want to write short term goals that you can accomplish in two to three months that are measurable and larger goals that you can accomplish in a year, and then even larger, scarier, more exciting goals that may take you 5 to ten years to accomplish. Next write down an actionable plan to achieve these goals. Review your goals ever day or at least every week and make sure you are on track. It is important that you believe in the plan even for the huge goals. You must believe in yourself and that you can accomplish these to even have a shot at them. This leads me to my next game changer.

Increase Your Confidence

Start an affirmation log where you simply write positive things about yourself. This was the hardest one for me. It felt odd and even arrogant to write positive things about myself in a journal. So here is what I did. I just wrote simply one thing a day about myself that was great and guess what soon I had a huge list of positive things about myself. What is fun about this too is once you have listed all the obvious things that come to your mind you have to work a little harder to find creative things that you love about yourself. Talk about boosting your self love! For example, after journaling for a few months one of mine was I love the size of my feet! How this will change your life is it changes your mindset to find the positive things about yourself. You will become more mindful of how you speak about yourself in your own head. We all need to ditch the negative self-talk people. This will help you keep a more positive dialogue in your head which will change your entire outlook on life.

Gain Control of Your Negative and Positive Habits

Start a habitat tracker to quit your bad habits and increase your positive habits. This one is eye opening. Here is how you start you a habitat tracker. What you do is have a monthly page and in one section write any habits you are trying to increase or decrease. You can have as many as you like. Mine was to decrease the soda drinks and increase my water intake. You create a small box for each day and if that habit was present that day you color the box. Over time you can visually see if you are increasing the good habits and decreasing the bad habits. There is something about seeing this visually that really made a change for me. I pictured how I ideally wanted to see the monthly visualization and strove for that and guess what it worked. I now only have soda on a pizza night and am drinking 6 to 8 glasses of water almost every day.

Finally Get Control of Your Finances

Create a Budget Tracking page. I know budgeting is not fun but when you have a pretty visualization to work with it makes it a lot better. You can also think about it in terms of a goal your saving for and draw an inspirational picture or if you’re not artistic print a picture and put it in the journal. For example, I want to take the family to Hawaii, so in my journal is a picture of a beautiful beach in Hawaii. I see this while I am budgeting, and it inspires me to save. I do my budgeting once a week. I have weekly budget goals for each category that is a variable expense such as groceries, target runs, etc. Each week I log my actuals next to my planned expenses and make sure I am on track. If I am over a little one week I try to scale back in that category or another category the next week. If you are serious about it. I suggest the cash envelope system along with bullet journaling. You can read about it here.

Decrease Anxiety

You are probably wondering how a bullet journal can decrease your anxiety. Do you ever wake up in the middle of the night thinking of everything you need to the next day? I used to too. I would not be able to fall back asleep thinking of everything that needs to be done. If you can write down your daily to do list for the next day every night before you go to bed it helps your brain relax. Your mind realizes that you have it covered, and you can get back to sleep.

Lose Weight and Reach Your Fitness Goals

This one works whether you are a runner, walker, a gym rat, do at home workouts or anything else. If you create a fitness plan in your bullet journal you will be more likely to reach your fitness goals. Plan your entire month of work outs and write them down in a calendar style fitness plan. Put a small box at the top of each daily calendar box and color it in if you have completed your work out that day. Have a fitness goal for each month, for example lose five pounds. Create these plans at the start of each month. Why does this work? First if you know in advance what your workout is going to be for that day you are more likely to do it. Your un-conscious mind will be set on doing the workout and will work to find time in your day to get it done. This actually works! There is something very satisfying about seeing all the boxes colored at the end of month in your fitness calendar. By having a monthly goal that is achievable, believable and with the plan to get there you are more likely to achieve it.

Save money While Getting Healthy

Create a Meal Planning Page. Create a meal planning page that looks like a calendar and update it weekly before you go grocery shopping. By planning in advance what you are going to cook every night it allows me to take the time to plan nutritious meals for my family. No more McDonalds runs because there is nothing in the fridge. Before I implemented this page in my journal we would always run out of dinners the day before it was time to grocery stop and would inevitable have to go out to a restaurant or grab fast food. This journal page is surprisingly easy and saves my family money while keeping me on track with my fitness goals. See how they all start tying together? Extra bonus you can add another journal page that is your grocery list that you complete each week after you have done the meal planning page.

Now you have the inspiration to start your very own bullet journal and get started on changing your life for the better. First order your Journal and pens and then search the internet and Pinterest for beautiful pictures on people’s bullet journal pages to inspire you to get started. Choose three of my suggestions for pages and get started on them right away. Set aside time in each day to work on it and before you know if you will have your very own little masterpiece.

Have more ideas on what pages you put in your bullet journal, let me know!



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